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Casanas Village at Frenchtown Square

448 W. Georgia Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Phone: 833-805-6388 (TTY 711)
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Casanas Village at Frenchtown Square is an 88 unit mixed-income workforce housing community within the historic Frenchtown neighborhood of Florida’s capitol city of Tallahassee. This development, a partnership with the non-profit Big Bend Community Development Corporation, is a single five-story residential building, with the leasing offices for the development contained within the multi-generational Casañas family home that has been preserved as part of the development. Casañas Village at Frenchtown Square contains 80 affordable and 8 market rate units. Additional common amenities, commercial bays for two “live/work lofts” and under-the-building parking are contained in the first floor of the structure, as well as design elements that harken back to Frenchtown’s days as a jazz mecca.


AREA: Tallahassee, Florida
TYPE: Urban Community

  • 20 one bedroom units
  • 53 two bedroom units
  • 15 three bedroom units
  • 8 unit of the total are unrestricted and available at market rate rents
  • 2 market rate units paired with ground-floor commercial/flex space to create “live-work lofts”
  • Fitness center
  • Cyber lounge
  • Under the building parking available
  • Outdoor recreation area with playground & barbeque
  • Public art: Sculpture of Frenchtown pioneer Aurelío Angel Casañas