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Photos by Eilee Escarda

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Large scale murals, mosaics, monumental sculpture and urban street art can dress up housing developments and make their residents proud. What started as a simple project in 2001 by Louis Wolfson III has grown into a fascinating and respected art in public places program...more

Buildings without art and architectural features are bare shapes and forms that are undistinguished from other rectangular concrete structures. We believe that art is an integral part of our communities and gives them life and a unique character all their own. Our murals, sculptures and architectural features reflect the thinking and care behind the functional and people-friendly designs of our residential communities. Pinnacle’s personal commitment to these concepts has been supported by a significant personal investment in art by the company’s partners, approaching $2 million.

Drawing on the creative power of well-known and respected local artists and architects, we infuse our communities with an unexpectedly lighter, happier feeling. By doing so, we are creating a sense of place and purpose that is different from anything our residents have experienced.

Thus, when children play in Pinnacle View’s playground behind the parking garage, they do not look at a bare concrete wall. Instead, they see a colorful and multi-cultural mural that reflects the international migrations that have shaped Miami. At Pinnacle Lakes, a formerly run-down apartment complex, a mural encourages children to play and be inspired. At Rayos del Sol in the heart of Little Havana, butterflies wing their way up the outside walls, adding whimsy and color to the community.

Louis Wolfson

All of our communities are distinctively designed to create an atmosphere that welcomes our residents home. Peaked roofs, stone work, pastel paints and subtle accents combine to create a comfortable atmosphere for our residents. By creating a sense of place and community, there also is an appreciative and more caring attitude by many of our residents that is reflected in lower maintenance costs and more respect for the place they call home.

  • Romero Britto
  • C.J. Latimore
  • Marcy Ziv
  • Gregory Coats
  • Lenore Meyer
  • Robert McKnight
  • Rimaj Barrientos
  • Stephanie Jaffe Werner
  • Luisa Mesa
  • Christian Bernard, a.k.a. NARBERO
  • Addonis Parker
  • Nicholas Nehaniv and Coleen Kelley
  • Robert Cole
  • Michael Oguns
  • Kench DeGeorge
  • Nic Noblique
  • Keith Bradley
  • Jim LaPaso
  • George Tobolowsky