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Pinnacle is a Miami-based family of companies dedicated to full-service real estate development and construction. Since 1997, Pinnacle has focused on providing the best-in-class in both luxury and affordable/workforce housing products in the Southeastern United States' urban centers, suburban areas and rural communities. Since 1997, the Pinnacle has been developing, building, leasing and owning both affordable- and market-priced apartment homes. Pinnacle’s development portfolio now exceeds 9,000 multi-family units located within Florida, Texas and Mississippi. Pinnacle adds beneficial improvements through quality design, green building techniques and environmentally-friendly features to energize and revitalize the communities in which it operates. Pinnacle has experience in all facets of housing development, including affordable, mixed-income, mixed-use, senior, family and special needs housing. Pinnacle has extensive experience in urban in-fill redevelopment as well as public/private partnership-type ventures, having completed numerous communities involving a public agency or non-profit organization as a meaningful collaborative partner. Pinnacle has a long track record of exceeding the obligations and needs of our partners and stakeholders, whether they are equity investors, lenders, non-profit organizations or the public sector. Pinnacle is noted for its quality of design, enhancement of the communities we serve and highest-quality resident services.

Pinnacle also transforms communities with our Art in Public Places program, where artwork is donated by the Pinnacle partners to each of its developments. Commissioning unique works of art from large scale murals, sculptures, urban street art to mosaics, Pinnacle engages local artists to create unique designs for each of its properties. Pinnacle has also expanded this program to include community-wide art projects, such as the Puerto Rico Hope Mural in Miami’s Wynwood community, the mural at Liberty City Police Station in Miami honoring victims of gun violence, and urban murals in Miami’s Overtown community.

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